Event Guiding App

Whether a big event, music festival, car fair or food mile, with our award-winning Event-Guiding-App from mapson, your visitors will have access to all important information, products and offers directly on their smartphones or tablets.

Interactive map

Using integrated GPS technology, visitors can navigate through an interactive map of the location.

Overview & info pages

All stations of your event such as food stalls, toilets, concert stages, info points and first aid stations are represented on a map and have their own information page where visitors can find the opening hours, product offer, festival timeline and a lot more.

Searchfunction & categories

Display the whole range of products available at the event, using the category and search functions. This function displays the product’s provider(s) and helps navigate the visitor to their location.

Social media

With the favourite list, all the popular stations can be saved and shared with friends on social media platforms.

Sponsor packages

Offer your partners an additional benefit: Sponsor packages can be extended with competitions, advertising interpositions and can get integrated in the app.

Push Notifications

With push notifications, your visitors can be informed about a shortly upcoming event, new offers or a severe weather warning.

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